Niko Industries

In 1988 Niko Industries was born: a company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of injection molded plastic products.

With the purpose of serving all industries and businesses that require plastic parts, NIKO began operations with only two injection molding machines, and exclusively dedicated itself to the production of isothermal packaging packs for Thermos. By 1990 they had five machines and were working with the household appliance sector through Imaco. Over the years NIKO has expanded its product line and injection equipment. Now, 30 years later, NIKO is able to offer comprehensive support for the planning and development of its clients' ideas, including product design or redesign, mold and auxiliary equipment manufacturing, injection, assembly, finishing, packaging, transportation, and pre- and post- sales services.

Continuous improvement

Through our Integrated Management System Policy, audits, and information analysis.

Integrated Management System

Process and documentation monitoring and improvement, indicator management and analysis.

Company Pillars

Decisive in the face of problems, transparent with our customers, with an innovative approach to product design.