We are strategic suppliers; we supply the food, household product, personal care, automotive, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and construction industries, as well as any industry that requires plastic products. Our flexibility allows us to position our company as a benchmark within the custom injection molding industry.

We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to mold and equipment design and manufacturing, injection molding service, part assembly, hot stamping and screen printing, preform blow molding, seal cutting, and cap lining and closing.

We use auxiliary equipment to guarantee ideal c onditions and efficiency in our processes; we have material and resin dryers, mills for product reprocessing, mixers for pigment dosing, air injectors and compressors, and equipment for temperature regulation (chiller and cooling tower, water heater).

Metrics and Indicators

We evaluate and control minimum performance indicators to ensure that we satisfy our clients’ needs.

We work with a 15-day maximum lead time from the purchase order placement. This lead time may be shorter and is subject to our workload and stock availability.

We have procedures in place for the management of potential non-conformities.

Our QA seeks the root causes of non-conformities and employs corrective measures in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.